Mercury Relays, Tilt Switches – Contactors – High Voltage Relays – Tip Over Switches, Mercury Switches for industrial and commercial electric heating, lighting, switching & control applications. The products we offer are highly reliable, long lasting, and feature hermetically sealed self-renewing contacts. All are engineered for more reliable service.
“We are an excellent resource for replacement relays.”


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Our high quality products are now used with ovens, furnaces, injection molding, vacuum forming, steam generators, boilers, UL labs recognizedUL labs recognized, street and parking area lighting, emergency lighting, tungsten lamps, drying ovens, ultra violet curing, street lighting, temperature control, flashers, railroad and traffic signals, and more. Help with part numbers.

Single pole relay 35NO-120AMercury Tilt Switch2 pole relay 260NO-120A

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